Secord, Sharon E.

Head of Wardrobe, University of Waterloo Department of Drama and Speech Communication

Never did Sharon think at the age of 10 learning how to sew would take her on a journey into the world of theatre, costumes and the Vancouver Olympics.

Sharon joined uWaterloo Drama in 2012 and has worked professionally in theatre for more than 30 years coordinating over 100 productions as the Director of Costumes for Seamless Costumes, a division of Mirvish Productions, and as Head of Wardrobe for The Shaw FestivalThe Grand Theatre and Theatre Plus.  She has also worked for The National Ballet of CanadaCanadian Opera Company and Young People’s Theatre. Her film credits include Barrymore, Beautiful Dreamers and the television series The Campbell’s.

A highlight in Sharon’s career was the opportunity to coordinate the costumes for the Opening, Victory and Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

“The task at hand was daunting but with the help of 24 staff and 220 volunteers in the wardrobe department alone, a team effort produced an amazing result and I think that is what I love about theatre.  As a community, a group of people, we work together as a team to an end goal called a “show” or a “piece” of theatre that touches others in different ways, creatively, emotionally, physically or thorough the thought process.”

Sharon has sat on various Academic Advisory Boards for Theatre in education and now sits on the board for Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning Theatre Production Program.  Sharon has been a member of CITT/ICTS since 1996 and was Chair for the Board of the Ontario Section working with educators and professionals in the industry to develop quality theatre resources for theatrical technicians.

Course: Wardrobe & Wigs