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Winston Morgan teaching at S.M.Arts 2010

The 2017 conference dates have been announced.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 20th to Saturday, April 29th, 2017. Registration will open in early March.

Stage Management is an intricate web of personal, technical, organizational and life skills. The S.M.Arts Conference explores many aspects of our field and helps us to share our experience and knowledge with each other, whether during a course or in the midst of a chat. S.M.Arts continues to provide a comfortable environment for new and experienced Stage Managers to perfect their craft.

This Stage Management Conference is for the student Stage Manager who wants to know more about their career choice, the Apprentice Stage Manager who wants to hone their skills and the experienced Stage Manager who is looking for diversification within their field. Registration is restricted to either working stage managers or those who have the goal of becoming a professional stage manager. If you are not sure if you qualify contact Janelle for clarification.

Have you ever had a chat about a sitzprobe, spacing or largo? Would you like to know more about stewards and stings and lavs? Have you used a magic sheet or rosin or a boom box? Perhaps you are curious about rush or ROEs or swings. S.M.Arts can give you the answers to all of the above and much more.

S.M.Arts also strives to offer the tools, the thoughts and the questions to help make our production experiences more well-rounded and fulfilling.

We hope you have the opportunity to join us in exploring the world of Stage Management.


What's New

Fast Facts

  • Approximately 588 participants have attended the Conferences.
  • At least 130 instructors have participated in the Conferences.
  • More than 3,137 S.M.Arts books have been distributed.
  • 96 different courses have been offered since 1996.
  • At least 15 colleges and universities use the Guidelines as course material.
  • This year will be our eleventh fundraising party for the S.M.Arts Apprenticeship Trust Fund.
  • Over 100 S.M.Arts past participants have joined Equity since attending their first conference.

Special Thanks

The S.M.Arts Conference is generously sponsored by the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. Without Equity's financial assistance, it would be impossible to keep the session fees at such a low rate. We also greatly appreciate the assistance from Ryerson Theatre School. It is a privilege for S.M.Arts to be associated with this respected training institution.

Much gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and institutions: Arden R. Ryshpan, Flatiron Firkin Pub, Lynn McQueen, Penny Olorenshaw, Jeff Morris, Peter Fleming, Ryerson University and Ryerson School of Performance, Jeanne LeSage, Julia Gaunt-Rannala and Susan Wallace.

We also would like to thank all past instructors, participants and supporters who have helped shape and guide this conference over the past 20 years.

Comments from previous participants.

"Your course on Dance stage management has made a tangible difference."

"I really want to thank you again for the S.M.Arts Conference. I think it has given me the confidence that I can go out there, and be a stage manager!"

"These seminars are very effective and are helping me clarify my style of stage managing."

"It is great to chat and bounce ideas off other SMs."

"Very forthcoming and friendly to everyone."

"Good mix of listening and activity."

"Really good handouts and class participation."